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Our concept is to use unrefined seaweed in our skincare products.

We process the seaweed minimally, the seaweed is used in its pure, original form as long as it is possible. We use the seaweed as a raw product, unprocessed, to be able to assimilate its minerals, vitamins and trace elements, unrefined, just as it is in the ocean.

The seaweed is extracted in our oil, through cold maceration, which is then added as a seaweed oil in our creams. The seaweed is not heated or boiled, but keeps its basic structure through the whole production process. The seasweed is rinsed as little as possible at harvest, to keep the gel structure which covers the seaweed and which acts as a moisturizer for the skin.


We have added organic essential oils to our products for their scent. Some of the products are without scent as a consideration for customers with allergies, or for customers with a high sensitivity to scents. All ingredients in our products are organic.


For the body and face oils we use an organic oil with a composition of the essential, vital fatty acids, linoleic acid och linolenic adid. The fatty acids are important to keep the skin healthy and bind moisture.


When experiencing skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, atopic eczema, or dryness the skin is missing the protective barrier which keeps the skin intact and protects it from extrernal strains, which means that even showers and cleaning of the skin can take a toll on an unprotected skin. A dry and damaged skin will let unknown substances through easier and will be extra exposed to external strains.

Through continous use of oils which contain essential fatty acids, the skin will gradually rebuild its protective barrier and can handle external strains better.


We use glass for both our bottles and jars and we have chosen to not have packaging for the soaps. The soaps are delivered wrapped in tissue paper to reduce the usage of packages.

Packages often end up in the trash which increases the handle of trash, we want to reduce this in consideration to the environment.